Kelly Quinn, The Dawning: Best Actress, Geek Out Film Fest 2016Kelly Quinn wins Best Actress at
Geek Out Film Fest 2016 for The Dawning.
Doll Tearsheet“Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore was an appropriately tempestuous Doll Tearsheet and an earnestly pleading Lady Percy …”
Review of Henry IV, Parts I & II by
Doll Tearsheet“Bock and [Quinn] Kilgore as Mistress Quickly and Doll Tearsheet (a lady of negotiable virtue) whoop it up with Falstaff and crew at the Boar’s Head Tavern in Eastcheap, London.”
Review of Henry IV, Parts I & II by Berkshire on Stage and Screen.
Harmony Lively“We asked for you, of the cast, because you have such an interesting, albeit brief, arc in the film.”
Interview with Media Mikes.
Harmony Lively“Quickly amassing an remarkably varied resume of stage and screen roles, Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore has performed in productions ranging from Shakespeare to sci-fi to horror.”
Interview with The Swerve Magazine.
Harmony Lively“One of the best performers in the flick, other than Blood Widow herself, is actress Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore …”
Interview with We Came from the Basement.
Harmony Lively“You have such an interesting, full life; how do you handle it all?”
Interview with BioGamer Girl after Dark.
Harmony Lively“Harmony Lively [Kelly Quinn] should have had a bigger part in this film as well. She is a star in the making …”
Review of Blood Widow by
Harmony Lively“I really enjoyed the short performance from Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore as Harmony, the somewhat brainless, acid dropping, Buddha worshipping spiritualist.”
Review of Blood Widow by A Bucket of Corn.
Harmony Lively“My favorite character was hippy chick Harmony Lively, played well by Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore.”
Review of Blood Widow by Influx Magazine.
Harmony Lively“Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore … shows a wonderful range in her emotions and performance abilities.”
Review of Terminus by James Tutten.
Hannah“The chemistry between Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore and Justin Baldwin is palpable …”
Review of QUAKE: A Love Story by Usher Nonsense.
Hannah“Actors Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore and Justin Baldwin don’t miss a step in their portrayal of a couple at the end of their expiration date.”
Review of QUAKE: A Love Story by
Hannah“The love/hate chemistry between [Quinn] Kilgore and Baldwin is worth a trip to New York.”
Review of QUAKE: A Love Story by
Lavinia“Every time the broadness … threatens to go overboard, Epstein and [Quinn] Kilgore’s heartbreaking relationship reels us back in.”
Review of Titus Andronicus by Orlando Weekly.
Lavinia“Kelly [Quinn] Kilgore quickly shows the liveliness of poor, doomed [Lavinia], which adds dramatic heft to her fate.”
Review of Titus Andronicus by the Orlando Sentinel.